Vietnam visa for Canada

Are you looking for a Vietnam visa? We provide information about Vietnam Visa matters for Canada citizens and offer you one click solution to all your visa related issue so that you can get the process rolling without any hassles.
We take pride in being the most trustworthy visa providers for a lot of Canada citizens over many years. Following is a list of visa matters that of Canada citizens:

+ Canada citizen looking to apply for a Vietnam Visa.
+ Canada citizen’s passport is required to have a validity of at least 6 months since the date of arrival and departure.
+ Canada citizen’s can have the Visa from Vietnam Embassies in their respective states by using our visa approval services instead of going through the lengthy procedure of paper work at the embassies and paying higher fees. With out visa approval services, the process is as simple as Applying online – paying a small service fee – receiving your Vietnam Visa approval letter.

Once you get the visa approval letter, there are two simple options for you to follow:

Option 1: Canada citizens travelling overland can take the visa approval letter to the Vietnam embassy in their country and get their visa stamped from their. Here is some major information about Vietnam embassy in Canada

Option 2: Canada citizens travelling by air can take the visa approval letter to the any international airport in Vietnam and get their Visa stamped on the passport from Immigration Authorities. Apart from the approval letter you’ll need to confirm your nationality, and pay a stamping fee of $45 for single entry and $ 65-95 for multiple entries. Make sure that you bring the cash with you because you might not find any ATMs near you.
You’ll also be required to fill a Vietnam Form on arrival and present a couple of pass-port size photographs. Don’t forget to check the approval letter to make sure that all the information is correct. If you find any processing mistakes, we’ll refund the charges and make you a new one.



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