The changes of Vietnam visa procedure since 2009

Due to the open travel policy, it is clear that to get Vietnam visa is simpler than that in the past. Please read some points below to see its change from 2009 until now.

Vietnam visa sample1. From January 2, 2009; Russian passport holders are exempted to stay in Vietnam for 15 days without visa. In case they want to stay in Vietnam longer, applying visa on arrival as normal and then in Vietnam airport, they do not need to pay the stamping fee as other citizens.

2. In the past, Vietnam and Cambodia citizens are exempted from Vietnam visa for 15 days. But from January 1, 2009, it is added 15 more days, it means that Cambodian and Vietnamese citizens can stay in each countries for 30 days without visa.

3. If you want to run visa extension by your own, you can go directly to Vietnam Immigration office, either in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City:
+ Ha Noi: 44-46 Tran Phu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Tel: 38257941
+ Da Nang: 7 Tran Quy Cap, Hai Chau, Da Nang City, Tel: 3822381
+ Ho Chi Minh: 161 Nguyen Du, Ho Chi Minh City, Tel: 38299398.

4. No longer are 6 months to 1 year visa issued in late August 2009. 3 month visa is the longest one you can apply. In case you want to stay in Vietnam longer, an extension of your current visa is the good option.

5. Any foreigner who works legally in Vietnam companies for one year can apply to get a temporary resident card. It requires you are member of your organization’s board of directors or an investor. It does not need your owner of a work permit but only the business license granted by the city’s Planning and Investment Department. Also the certificate proving your position is also necessary document you should prepare. Moreover, you can ask a travel agent to support, it will save your precious time than before. In case you want to get more information, kindly go to the office at address 161 Nguyen Du Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Sai Gon.



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