Getting a Vietnam visa in Unidted States

You might be confused if you have to go to Vietnam Consulates to apply for a visa and your friends keep telling you there is a visa to Vietnam called visa-on-arrival. I am a frequent traveler, my hometown is Memphis, Mississipi and I live in San Franciso but frequently travel to Asia. My advice is both ways are acceptable depending on how well-planned you are.

If you have plenty of time, you absolutely should go to the nearest Vietnam Consulate in San Francisco, Houston,

United States Passport

United States Passport

New York, and Embassy of Vietnam in Washington DC.

However, if you only have some days left before your departure flight, it is better to apply for a visa on arrival which means you will get a visa stamped when you arrive to Vietnam. I am sure your family and friends who have travelled to Vietnam are familiar with this term. However, there are some notes you should remember.

+ Choose a good website, there are a lot of good visa websites available in your search, however, on tripadvisor I collected most recommended one is

+ If you travel in Vietnam for the first time, use their assistance at the airport service, this is really helpful. You will not have to care about where to get the visa and waste time to queue up. All I have to do is go to the luggage area and have my luggage and visa at the same time. I do not know they call the service for VIP or things like that which should be double checked with the consultant.

+ Study your destination, I must say there are scams in this country. You can all avoid it once you show your knowledge and experiences in travelling even if you travel here for the first time.

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