Foreign tourists happy with Vietnam’s visa exemption policy

From the beginning of July, citizens from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy will enjoy visa exemptions for the next three years, until June 30, 2021, as approved by the Prime ... Continue Reading →
Vietnam Visa Government

Mistakes you make when applying a Vietnamese visa on arrival

When you visit to Vietnam, you getting Vietnam visa is required for all purposes. Vietnam visa on arrival is popular with travelers around the world for its simplicity and convenience. ... Continue Reading →

4 things you need to know before getting a Vietnam Visa-on-Arrival

Getting a visa can always be the first obstacle you encountered before each trip abroad. Now you can let Travel agencies help you with a Visa-on-Arrival – the smoothest way to ... Continue Reading →

Getting a Visa for Vietnam (for Canadians)

I was pretty nervous heading into my first location, Saigon, after 12+ hours of flight time and a layover. I was nervous mainly because it was my first time ever in South East Asia ... Continue Reading →

Step-by-step guide to Vietnam visa on arrival

After living in Hanoi for almost 10 months now, I can safely say that I am a pro at obtaining a Vietnamese Visa on Arrival. I’ve received four Vietnamese visas on arrival and still ... Continue Reading →

How to apply Vietnam visa on arrival?

Are you planning to visit Vietnam? And yet you are wondering how you can apply for a visa to travel to Vietnam because you are living far from the Embassy/Consulate of Vietnam. Great ... Continue Reading →

Vietnam visa for South Korea

There are normally two main methods to obtain Vietnam visa for South Korea; once is at Vietnam representatives abroad and once is visa upon arrival. Frankly speaking, visa on arrival ... Continue Reading →

Guideline Vietnam visa tourist on arrival

Vietnam has been on our travel list for a long time, and finally, we managed to organize one month trip around the country. Different from the countries we visited in this two years ... Continue Reading →

Getting a Vietnam visa in Unidted States

You might be confused if you have to go to Vietnam Consulates to apply for a visa and your friends keep telling you there is a visa to Vietnam called visa-on-arrival. I am a frequent ... Continue Reading →

Some cases cannot apply Vietnam visa on arrival

You’ll need to do a visa before coming to Vietnam. Currently, there are two ways to do visa: Apply visa at Vietnam Embassy in your country or Apply Vietnam visa online (visa on ... Continue Reading →