Apply Vietnam visa on landing: Some essential focuses ought to be take note

You are on the go to apply Vietnam visa on entry to revel in all its profits; however, benevolent examine the focuses recorded underneath to dodge some normal issues.

1. If you go to Vietnam via land or sea border, Vietnam visa on arrival is not available as it works for traveling by air only. Therefore, on condition that you DO NOT go to Vietnam by airplane, getting visa in advance from Vietnam Embassy or Consulate is the good solution for you.

2. The visa validity is widely misunderstood to start from the date you enter Vietnam, NOT from the date you provide in the visa application. If you entry Vietnam later than your visa validity, it is definitely acceptable. However, if you travel Vietnam sooner, you are imposed a fine to change your date of arrival on your visa. It is highly recommended that you should make a clear plan of time travel before applying a Vietnam visa.

3. Try to input the visa information correctly, including, the full name, passport ID and date of birth. As far as we have seen, due to these mistakes, people were be refused by the airline at the departure airport because the information in the passport does not match those had the pre-approval letter. To avoid this mistake, read carefully the information you provide in the visa application as well as in the pre-approval letter.

4. Many people consider that to extend a visa once they are in Vietnam is so simple; however, in fact, visa extension is rather time-consuming and expensive. We therefore suggest applying for a 3 month visa instead of a 1 month visa to enjoy fully your trip in Vietnam.

The 4 points listed above is the most common problems of getting visa on arrival to Vietnam. It is truly useful for those who are the first time go to Vietnam and use visa on arrival. Also if you face other problems, sharing is highly advised.



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