Vietnam visa for South Korea

There are normally two main methods to obtain Vietnam visa for South Korea; once is at Vietnam representatives abroad and once is visa upon arrival.

Frankly speaking, visa on arrival is truly outstanding better; it is both time and money saving. However, to find a website offering visa on arrival service for South Korea is hard difficult.

How to get Vietnam visa |

How to get Vietnam visa |

I know it is quite difficult, so, here is my sharing about my experience to apply Vietnam visa on arrival – I think it is helpful for those who are on high demand to get it. When I applied on some websites, it took me long hours to find my country on the scroll country list; but even the long time I spent, my eyes was blank and couldn’t scan “South Korea” or “Korea” in anywhere. I also sent lots of FAQ emails to find the support, but no reply or no relevant information was open to me. It is so strange and I really wish I had lived close to Vietnam Embassy to go there to get Vietnam visa. Wish is just wish; there is no miracle to help to change my location.

Finally, it is so miracle for me to find one website offering the visa on arrival service for South Korean. After my long email enquiry, I got the answer “Yes” from Eviva Tour team so quickly. They confirmed with me that they can support Vienam visa on arrival for South Korea. Like a person taking buoy, I hurried to send my passport information and visa type to apply visa. When I finished all so quickly, I felt really worried. I asked myself “Why should I have decided so quickly to do with them?” and “why shouldn’t I have waited more to find another agency?” To minimize my burning worry, I went on Tripadvisor to find any comments about Eviva and there are so many good comments about their tour as well as visa services. They helped to build my belief more stably and I could wait until the day Eviva Tour team promised to send visa letter back. Then after right 2 working days, I got the visa approval letter back from Eviva, my heart relieved now, Eviva can do as their promise.

From now on, I often used Eviva Co, Ltd to get visa on arrival to go to Vietnam. I decided to share my review to help travel community as I got from Tripadvisor and I really want to help you more.


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